Our House

Just a few snapshots by way of a quick tour.  Click to see the enlarged version.......


Through the electric curtains to the patio doors and the garden.


Quite a few pictures on the walls and some of the Moorside furniture.

Dining Room

More electric curtains and lots more Moorside furniture.

Dining Room

The same display cabinets at both ends of the room. Shame the stuck-on border isn't straight!


Two electric blinds in here, one for the door and one for the window. Lots of stainless steel.


Who said the cats aren't in charge? This is their own mini-house!


Never mind the mess, just look at the technology on the far wall.


The electric blinds are everywhere!


At last, some conventional DIY - a home made cupboard.

Main Bedroom

The main bedroom is very cosy.

Guest Bedroom

A rearrangement of the toys is needed if anyone comes to stay.

Nick's Study

For once, it's reasonably tidy.

Micky's Study

The only non-electric blind. The pride-and-joy keyboard.

Micky's Study

Signs of Winnie the Pooh.

Micky's Study

Loads of cupboard space above the computer.